A dusty set of prohibitions that employees ignore doesn’t deliver value. Neither does a Powerpoint full of platitudes, or legalese no one can translate to their day-to-day.
Digital policies that are built around your individual business,  responsive to its unique priorities, and flexible for your future actually empower the enterprise. That is why I look globally across your organization at every aspect of digital to assess issues and stand up or mature you digital policy program.

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During the policy workshop, your team will gain practical knowledge and practice how to:

  • Determine which digital policies your organization must have
  • Crate policies to comply with legal and regulatory requirements in your industry and countries of operation
  • Drive adoption of policies into the organization so that digital creativity can flourish without unnecessary risk.
  • Your team will leave the workshop with tactical next steps to implementing the policies into the organization along with and achievable goals compliance goals.

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Digital policies are frameworks for innovation, not obstacles to it. I’ve spoke at DX Summit, Confab Intensive, Gilbane, and smaller venues.  Example presentation topics include:

  • Delivering Digital Excellence with Global Compliance and Integrity
  • Moving Away from Content as a Liability
  • Achieving Content Integrity Through Digital Standards
  • Implementing Policies to Achieve Worry-free Publishing
  • Publishing Around the Globe: What You Need to Know To Stay Out of Trouble
  • Building Better Policies: From Liability to Accountability

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Case Studies

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