Ensure your online content is published without liability regardless off digital channel — web, social, mobile apps, CRM, email.


I speak about digital policies and digital standards on a range of topics. I’ve presented at Confab Intensive, Gilbane, JBoye, and IIR USA.  Example presentations topics include:

  • Moving Away from Content as a Liability
  • Implementing Policies to Achieve Worry-free Publishing
  • Publishing Around the Globe: What You Need to Know To Stay Out of Trouble
  • Achieving Content Integrity Through Digital Standards
  • Building Better Policies: From Liability to Accountability

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Digital policy workshop

During the policy workshop, your team will gain practical knowledge and practice how to:

  1. Determine which digital policies your organization must have
  2. Crate policies to comply with legal and regulatory requirements in your industry and countries of operation
  3. Drive adoption of policies into the organization so that digital creativity can flourish without unnecessary risk.

Your team will leave the workshop with tactical next steps to implementing the policies into the organization along with and achievable goals compliance goals.

Digital standards workshop

The standards workshop is the fastest way to jump-start your organization’s collaboration and development of digital standards required for a good user experience. During this session, your team will:

  1. Learn the process for creating and managing digital standards throughout their lifecycle
  2. Identify the set of authoritative digital standards required for content that must be created consistently and predictably
  3. Practice standards collaboration and authoring as a team

Rather than delivering theory, your team will be engaged to create a set of digital standards that can be adopted into the organization.

Book an in-house digital policies or standards workshop for your organization.


Do you need a digital policies risk assessment to determine which policies you should have but don’t? Is your organization struggling with identifying and adhering to design and develop standards? Get in touch and we can discuss a consulting engagement.