Why Does Your Organization Need Digital Policies?

To understand the role of digital policies in your organization, think of a traffic light. When it goes out, drivers are left to make their own decisions about what to do.

Some creep tentatively through the intersection. Some stick close to the bumper ahead. Others just plow on through. With no signal to follow, simply navigating an intersection is fraught with uncertainty and risk.

In the same way, without a clear, well-functioning set of digital policies to follow, your digital specialists will have to make their own decisions about what, where, and how to handle digital content. They’ll be on their own to navigate today’s digital marketspace, where risk is a greater factor than ever for organizations like yours.

For one, your risk map is now global and, by extension, incredibly complex. Every country in the world has its own regulations for doing business there, in person or online. You also have to consider more compliance issues than ever before – accessibility, privacy, data breaches, and on and on.

Your best, really your only, defense are digital polices that support your digital team and integrate into day-to-day digital operations.

To help you develop a clear, comprehensive policy framework, I’ve broken down the policy development lifecycle into manageable steps. I’ve even created a 5-day agile approach to jump starting your policy effort.

Let me know if you have any questions, or want to address your digital policies.