Maturing digital policy practices at a managed healthcare company


A Fortune 100 managed healthcare corporation focused on insurance with over 45 million subscribers. The company operates in the US and partners internationally to serve Americans aboard.


  • The company had already established a baseline set of digital policies, mostly around website quality.
  • Yet, as they got ready to roll out a new decentralized digital development environment, the organization wanted to rethink its digital policy dynamics and decision-making.
  • How could they balance the organization’s need for cost-effective, brand-building development with diverse departments’ need for flexibility?


  • To determine the right policy management approach and mature their practices, I devoted six weeks to:
  • Conducting a gap analysis of existing policies against industry regulatory requirements and good practices
  • Defining, documenting, and socializing new policies to close those gaps with the digital team
  • Establishing the role of the policy steward and identifying policy authors
  • Starting to manage policies through their full-lifecycle management
  • I left the organization with a consolidated set of policies to drive efficiency and protect their digital investment.


  • As a direct result of the policy initiative, the organization has seen:
  • Increased regulatory and legal compliance
  • Higher quality digital content and, as a result, higher customer satisfaction
  • Digital consistency across its divisions
  • 6 weeks
  • 45 million members
  • 10 policies

Policy Areas Covered
– Appropriate and Prohibited Content
–  Branding
– Children’s Online Protection (COPPA)
– Content Ownership
– Copyrights and Protections
– Data Localization
– Information Management and Redundant, Outdated, Trivial (ROT) Content
– Language and Content Localization
– Online Advertising and Promotion
– Use and Display of Logos, Registered Names, and Trademarks

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